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 my fight to be a known actress continues. I am visiting a movie set today about an hour south of me [TITLE AND LOCATION PROHIBITED]. I have a few friends on set and hope to make some connections there. Here are some photos.


About me

So, I figured I would post a little something about myself, since I haven't really journaled on here yet.

My name is Selena.
I am 19 years old.
I am portuguese and irish heritage, though I wish I were ukrainian.
I was diagnosed with anorexia back in 2006.
I went through recovery last summer and gained sooo much weight back.
My high weight is 145 pounds.
My low weight is 98 pounds.
My current weight is 135 pounds.
My height is 5' 5".

Since being recovered from anorexia, I am now considered EDNOS.

I've traveled all over the world, including France, Spain, Canada, Ukraine, Austria, Thailand and Viet Nam. MY main focus of traveling is to love people, and make this world  better place.

My favorite place within the United States is San Francisco, California. I used to live there, and want to move back.

I want to be 115 pounds by the end of summer.
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My Voice

 Hola. I am here to speak to the world that wishes to listen. I am struggling with finding my identity, I suppose. I need a place where I can speak out what I really feel. I know. Not original at all. It is just me.

Also, I do not speak Spanish, besides what I have learned from work. I am only Portuguese blood.
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